Our Story

Chosen was established in 1979 as a private label luxury outerwear company providing ultra luxe outerwear to small businesses and department stores around the world. The founders, Judy Danny and Alan, my mom dad and uncle respectively always strove for quality; traveling around the world in search of the best materials and patterns to craft their garments.

After graduating college, I worked in tech until the family business called me home. We continued on crafting the finest luxury outerwear garments in the world.

A few years into working for the family business, I took a trip to Iceland with some of my closest friends. We rented a van and travelled the island experiencing the Island’s icy peaks, unique foliage, steep basalt cliffs, natural hot springs, and breathtaking scenery.

From Iceland’s natural beauty we designed Chosen Down. Keeping with our families garment making heritage, we still only use the finest natural materials in producing our garments. Like all our garments, we crafted Chosen Down with longevity in mind so that our jacket stands the test of time and the ruggedness of nature. Chosen Down is Outdoor Fashion.