Protection from the world and its elements

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Experience the outdoors in comfort and style

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Fashion for world explorers

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  • Design

    Functional Design is at the center of everything we do. Our design team begins crafting designs and patterns with a focus on showing the natural beauty of our materials. From there the top designs are Chosen by us to be turned into garments. Internal sleeves and various other tweaks are made to the jackets to make them functional. The wearer is getting both aethstetic beauty and functional design

  • Fill

    We use 650 fill power 90/10 down for all of our jackets ensuring optimum versatility and warmth. Through our over 30 years of garment making experience, we found that 650 fill power is the optimum mix of warmth, functionality, and pack ability.

  • Material

    We use the strongest, weather resistant shells on our down jackets to keep you separated from the elements. These shells that we hand select for the designs are highly durable and water resistant while at the same time are supple and luxurious.

  • Zippers

    We use Ykk™ zippers sealing the Fill and Material together and holding in legendary warmth.